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Sustainable Transportation Systems, Inc. has a revolutionary new product that increases urban mobility while lowering every aspect of transportation costs. People and freight will be transported at speeds faster than light rail, buses, or motor vehicles at a fraction of current cost levels. This new strategy for mass transportation will make it possible to match the carrying capacities of rail systems at an affordable cost level. By lowering capital and operating costs this transit system will generate large profits and will not require continuous subsidies. Developing urban areas need a low-cost, low-tech transportation solution to meet the challenge of providing affordable effective mobility that offers an alternative to the environmental problems created by burning petroleum fuels and the increasing levels of motor vehicle use.

Sustainable Transportation Systems, Inc. is adding a new high speed, low cost, environmentally beneficial transportation system to the market by introducing the TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit System. The concept is to build a state of the art, user fee funded bicycle transit systems, which will be the lowest priced transit system available designed to operate on a profit-making basis while avoiding causing the health and environmental problems created by other transportation modes. The TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit System will lower transportation costs benefiting everyone who lives or works in an urban area.

For transportation agencies in need of more urban transportation system capacity the TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit System will clearly be the most affordable product available in the transit market. The low cost to construct and operate combined with its exceptional carrying capacity mean that this is a transit system that can operate on a profit making basis funded by user fees. Operating at just 12% of capacity, the TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit System will generate a substantial profit while charging the equivalent fare paid by current transit customers. All cities in the world will be able to afford this System, even cities that thought they were priced out of the transit market

The TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit System is a new strategy in bicycle transportation for which there are allowed U.S. patents and the right to file foreign patent applications has been preserved. This technology increases the efficiency of the bicycle by providing an environment within which bicyclist can ride comfortable at average speeds of 25miles [40km] per hour, making the bicycle a faster, safer, less expensive, and more convenient mode of transportation in urban areas. The TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit System is an interstate highway style transportation corridor that is only 25 feet [7.62 m] wide with a 13 foot [3.96 m] tall center sloping to 10 foot [3.04 m]  high side walls. Running through the center of the System is a dividing wall with twelve-foot [3.65 m] wide traffic lanes on each side to accommodate bicycle traffic moving in opposite directions. What is not apparent from the small size and simple design of the TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit System is its capacity to move people and freight faster in urban areas than any other available transit system. The key is that air is moved through the System in the same direction as the bicyclists are riding.

The air movement removes the greatest resistance which bicyclists must overcome when riding which is moving the body and the bicycle through the gases in the atmosphere. Atmospheric resistance increases exponentially faster than the rate of speed. Air resistance comprises 90% of the force resisting motion at bicycle speeds greater than 20 miles [33.86 km] per  hour. Removing this resistance makes bicycle riding much less strenuous so that average speeds will naturally increase. Bicyclists will be able to ride 10 km inside the TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit System for the same amount of energy they would use to ride 1 km outside the System. The major breakthrough is that Bicycle Transportation Systems, Inc. has taken the most efficient form of transportation known and increased its efficiency by 90%.

With cycling 90% more efficient inside the TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit System people will ride bicycles farther and faster while avoiding surface conflicts which slow cycling speeds and increase trip times. Through using one mode of transportation from trip origination to final destination travel efficiency will be enhanced, as time consuming mode changes will be eliminated. The cycling environment inside the System will be made more comfortable by cooling, heating and filtering the air as needed. Physical plants using fans powered by 150 hp electric motors will provide air movement and may be located above, below or along side the System with the air being introduced through ducts.

The System's operation functions use basic well established technology known throughout the world. No new technologies need to be developed. The products necessary to build and operate the System are available from existing manufacturers with only minor application differences. The System is automated, centrally controlled and completely video monitored to reduce labor and operation costs.

The TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit System will make it possible for the carrying capacity of the transportation system infrastructure to be expanded within its existing rights of way, which is the most economical, most politically acceptable and the fastest method of increasing carrying capacity. The TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit System has to support much less weight than other transit systems. The lower weight requirements make it cost effective to build the System on grade or above grade where it can be located over roadways and rail lines using existing rights of way without interfering with their current use. The lightweight of the System facilitates retrofitting it into dense urban areas where motor vehicle freeway, light rail, and A.P.M. costs are prohibitive.

For the transportation consumer the TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit System provides the fastest, least expensive, most convenient and most healthful transportation across congested metropolitan areas. The appeal and fun of free flow travel will return to the transportation system with the bicycle as the vehicle. Calculations demonstrate that in urban rush hour traffic conditions commuters can travel faster using the TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit System than they can travel by bus, light rail or automobile. The System's continuously operating air-moving corridor is available for use on demand by the customer with no waiting and minimal inconvenience. Customers can use their bicycles to travel to the System, travel through the System and then continue on to their final destination maintaining a very high average speed without changing their transportation mode. To use the System people may ride their bicycles, drive and park to ride bicycles carried on their vehicles, keep their bicycles in lockers located at entrances, rent a bicycle or hire a bicycle cab.

The TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit System will appeal to every transportation consumer. The bicycle industry makes a wide variety of new products that include recumbent bicycles, which hold all bicycle speed records, tricycles and quad-cycles, which are designed to carry multiple passengers and freight. New electric power assisted bicycles and electric powered carts will be able to use the System. For those individuals who don't want to ride their own bicycles there will be bicycle cab service, which will cost less than automobile cabs. Bicycles will also provide freight delivery services. Bicycle rentals, bicycle lockers, secured parking and other services will be provided. For individuals with special physical needs there are bicycles built for use by riders who have arm usage but not leg abilities. For wheel chair users bicycle cabs will provide access to the System as well as door to door transportation.

The TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit System is a powerful transit idea that meets a long unrecognized demand in the transit marketplace by providing a fast, safe, economical, convenient, comfortable and secure riding environment for bicycles. Bicycle owners are the largest worldwide transportation constituency. Providing a transportation system to maximize the transportation potential of the bicycle is the next step in transit development. The TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit System will succeed because it provides the fastest, least expensive and the most efficient method of moving people and freight in urban areas as well as being the most environmentally beneficial transit system ever designed. Bicycle Transportation Systems, Inc. is seeking to enter into joint venture development agreements to build and operate TransGlide 2000™ Bicycle Transit Systems.

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We are seeking to enter into joint venture development agreements to build and operate
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